Adam Anarchy CV

I have been working in the industry as a performer for around 15 years initially I started angle grinding with the godfathers of grinding Jo and Bingo…from here I crossed swords with Doctor Haze and the Circus of Horrors and the rest, as they say is history, the Doctor christened me in true circus style as Adam Anarchy and a somewhat dull star was borne. My central influences come from the post-apocalyptic essences of Mad Max, the Mutoid Waste Company, petrol-head vehicles and neo-cyber punk.

I have been collecting and constructing unique representational costumes and vehicles many in homage to the iconic characters and vehicles specifically in mad max2 which I hold in enormous affection…I had the opportunity to attend and participate in the Thunderdome at burning man 2007 it was truly an amazing experience… 

I have worked in all areas of the industry from club13 in Moscow, Torture Garden, Rubberball, BEstival 2008, The Fifth Element (the movie), appeared as a guest in Evissa, worked on mainstream TV with Davina McCall and various pop videos, e.g. Oasis-Morning Glory. In 2007, I toured with Aftershock for four months and have been pursuing circus and festival work extensively.

My range of skills has broadened over the years and I have listed below most of what I remember I know I can do

  • Piercing: Face, throat, neck, body (lip sew) crown of thorns and blood letting.
  • Bed of nails: A real bed of nails with a yogic twist...
  • Glass show: Lying in standing jumping and launching from a platform and finally supporting someone else on my chest while lying in the glass.
  • Paving stone smash across my chest while lying on the bed of nails or in the glass.
  • Fire manipulation of flambeaux to perform huge blows, eating, body work and more, I also use a 5ft staff for integrated shows.
  • Blockhead: Things get strange as nails get hammered up noses and rods through tongues...
  • Electrocution: Thanks to my limited understanding of electrickery, I have constructed an electric chair that generates 250,000 volts and will light me up like a Christmas tree, fun for all the family and not to be missed, audience participation is essential.
  • Angle grinding: The age old fav, a steel harness and a spinning grinder at 1,200 rpm, sparks will fly; a signature piece and a visual spectacle performed often but rarely well.
  • Bullwhipping people with an 8ft snake whip and removing objects that are nervously been held by my uber-glamorous assistant.
  • Blow dart spectacular, you ,me and some blow darts are blown at my back for a star prize.
  • Human hook suspension: This is a very special show and involves being fully suspended by 2 to 6 hooks throughout the body. This is complicated by venue suitability, height etc. However, where there is a way, this show can last 15 mins to 1 hour and requires a rigger/piercer to facilitate the show.


These are a selection of the main acts I perform at present and where possible I am happy to supply mutant vehicles and themes at a cost, wherever its possible and viable. I am fully insured with £5,000,000 protection, although fortunately its never been called for.